Get your own community nutrition app in five minutes.

We brand clinically based nutrition apps for health associations, healthcare providers, media companies, dietitians, nutritionists and more

Our branded Nutrition Apps provide advanced, clinical dietary guidance that is simple to understand

We provide Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists with professional client management software that fully integrate with any of our partner apps

FoodCare nutrition apps for population health

Our solutions address clinical nutrition guidance and population health. 

Our advanced Nutrition Insights™ technology helps manage chronic diseases like heart, liver, kidney and bone diseases, diabetes, and even many rare diseases.

Small private practice nutrition counselors, large online wellness communities, and anyone else can use FoodCare to transform their relationships with clients and community members.

And while our platform is very advanced, it is surely affordable for any budget.

What we believe

We believe in the power and the potential of food to transform our nation's health and well being.  

We believe that RDs, nutritionists and caregivers perform heroic roles in our lives, and they deserve the most advanced technology we can provide.

We believe that food businesses are ready to take good nutrition and food innovation to new heights.

We believe that they all just need the right solution to align their efforts. FoodCare is that solution.

What we do

Branded Nutrition Apps for communities

* Dietitian/Nutritionist professional software

* Foodservice professional software

* Special advisory services to public health