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Advanced, personalized nutrition for you and your loved ones.

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Why you will love FoodCare

Personalized nutrition guidance for everyone you care about.

For your family, friends and community

Share recipes across generations, customizing by personal preferences and the special needs of any family member or friend.

For your patients and clients

Dietitians and Nutritionists can customize the dietary guidelines by preferences, goals or clinical restrictions, and the FoodCare system will make it easy for your clients to follow your guidance.

For your company or brand

Launch a branded web and mobile app that provides your customers and community members with advanced guidance, and gives them the opportunity to collaborate and engage with your brand.

For your food business

150 million Americans have a nutrition related chronic disease, and special dietary needs. Use FoodCare to discover and market your food to them, we call it "Nutrition Marketing".

The simplest way to understand nutrition

Even complex restrictions are easy to manage with FoodCare